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About CURC

The strength of our coalition derives from the breadth of its membership, which includes fossil energy producers, electric utilities that rely upon coal and natural gas for electricity production, equipment manufacturers and technology innovators, national associations that represent the power generating industry, and state, university and technology research organizations.

CURC believes that future energy needs can be effectively met through collaborative public and private sector research to expand technology choices for private sector commercialization. Members of CURC work together to evaluate technology development needs, design appropriate research and development programs to enable those technology choices, and identify federal programs and policies that are needed to support this activity.

CURC engages in advocacy efforts with policymakers, NGOs and other stakeholders to ensure that development of advanced fossil energy technology options are an integral part of the larger national energy plan. Our successful track record is evidenced by three decades of fossil based electricity generation with significantly lower emissions per unit of energy used.

CURC has built a positive and non-partisan reputation before the U.S. Congress and throughout the Executive Branch as an informed organization that can be relied upon for useful fact-based technology information and policy ideas in support of our mission.

Mission Statement

The Carbon Utilization Research Council (CURC) is an industry coalition focused on technology solutions for the responsible use of our fossil energy resources in a balanced portfolio to support our nation’s need for reliable and affordable energy. Created in 1998, CURC serves as an industry voice and advocate by identifying technology pathways that enable the nation to enjoy the benefits of abundant and low cost fossil fuels in a manner compatible with societal energy needs and goals.