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CURC-ClearPath Report Rollout Briefing

July 25, 2018

CURC and ClearPath will hold a briefing to unveil the findings of two reports – the 2018 CURC-EPRI Roadmap and “Making Carbon a Commodity: The Potential of Carbon Capture RD&D”

The Roadmap identifies the research, development and demonstration for a suite of technologies that will transform the way fossil fuels are converted to electricity. If implemented, the Roadmap projects that technologies can be available by the 2025-2035 timeframe that generate electricity from fossil fuels with significantly reduced carbon dioxide emissions that are cost competitive with other sources of electricity generation.

Making Carbon a Commodity examines the potential for market-driven deployment of carbon capture, utilization and storage technologies for coal and natural gas power plants.

Congressional staff, DOE representatives, press and members of CURC are invited to attend the briefing. 


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