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CURC Executive Director Shannon Angielski Testifies Before House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee

July 25, 2019

On July 24th, CURC Executive Director Shannon Angielski testified before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Environment and Climate Change in a hearing entitled  “Building America’s Clean Future: Pathways to Decarbonize the Economy."  Shannon was joined on the witness panel by:

  • Karl Hausker, World Resources Institute
  • Rachel Cleetus, Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Armond Cohen, Clean Air Task Force

CURC’s testimony focused on the following five points:

  1. The growing use of fossil fuels must be accompanied by robust innovation in carbon capture, utilization and storage in the production and use of fossil fuels in order to meet deep, decarbonization objectives.
  2. Fortunately, the U.S. knows how to capture carbon, use it to produce valuable products, and store it in an abundance of well documented and studied geologic reservoirs.
  3. While carbon capture is in the early stages of deployment today, the U.S. is making significant strides to reduce costs and create a robust carbon capture industry.
  4. Investments in carbon capture will benefit the environment, improve energy security, and provide macroeconomic benefits to the U.S. economy.
  5. Carbon capture is bipartisan and industry agnostic. With robust and sustained policy support, carbon capture can contribute to any deep decarbonization goals.

Shannon’s full testimony can be viewed here.

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