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CURC Holds Congressional Briefing Unveiling Report Results

July 26, 2018

At a July 25 briefing, CURC unveiled the findings of two reports – the 2018 CURC-EPRI Advanced Fossil Energy Technology Roadmap and “Making Carbon a Commodity: The Potential of Carbon Capture RD&D” – and was pleased to be joined by Congressional staff, representatives from the Department of Energy (DOE), CURC members, and interested stakeholders.

This is the fifth Roadmap developed by CURC and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) to define and update the research, development and demonstration (RD&D) of innovative technologies that will transform how we use our fossil energy resources for power generation. If implemented, the Roadmap identifies technologies that can be available in the 2025-2035 timeframe that generate electricity from fossil fuels with significantly reduced emissions and can be cost competitive with other sources of electricity generation. The 2018 CURC-EPRI Roadmap findings were used to inform CURC’s testimony to the House and Senate Appropriations Committees on the FY 2019 Budget for DOE and were incorporated into bills introduced in the House and Senate to authorize a new Fossil Energy research, development and design program at DOE.

Making Carbon a Commodity examines the potential for market-driven deployment of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) in coal and natural gas power generation. The study examined how reducing the cost of carbon capture via a rigorous RD&D program identified in the Roadmap can enable new coal and natural gas power projects with carbon capture for enhanced oil recovery (EOR), and quantifies the resulting economic and employment benefits to the United States. The study projects up to 87 GW of CCUS for EOR by 2040, resulting in a significant increase in domestic oil production and lower cost retail electricity rates, all of which contribute to increases in annual GDP and over 800,000 new jobs through 2040. CURC, ClearPath Foundation, Advanced Resources International (ARI), NERA Economic Consulting, and L.D. Carter contributed to the analysis.


Click here to view the CURC-EPRI press statement on the release of the Roadmap.

Click here to view the CURC-ClearPath press statement on the release of Making Carbon a Commodity.

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