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CURC Members Receive DOE Funding for CO2 Utilization Projects

February 22, 2017

DOE announced that it selected seven projects to receive $5.9 million to focus on novel ways to use CO2 captured from coal-fired power plants in support of FE’s Carbon Storage program’s Carbon Use and Reuse portfolio.  Gas Technology Institute and the University of Kentucky, both CURC members, were selected to receive funding for projects.

Gas Technology Institute received funding for two projects. It will receive $800,000 to develop a Direct E-Beam Synthesis process to produce valuable chemicals, such as acetic acid, methanol, and CO from CO2 captured from a coal-fired power plant in Illinois and $799,807 to develop a novel catalytic reactor process to convert CO2 captured from a coal-fired power plant into methane, which will be dry reformed to produce syngas.

The University of Kentucky was awarded $999,833 for a project to develop a process to convert CO2 from coal-fired flue gas using microalgae-based CO2 capture, with subsequent conversion of the resulting algal biomass to bioplastics, chemicals, and fuels. 

Each project also includes a non-federal cost share of at least 20%. For more information on the selected projects, click here.

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