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CURC Welcomes New Member NET Power

January 27, 2017

CURC is thrilled to report that NET Power has joined the CURC membership. 

Using a patented thermodynamic cycle called the Allam Cycle, NET Power is able to generate lower-cost power from fossil fuels than existing power plants while eliminating all air emissions, including carbon dioxide.

Additionally, the CO2 that NET Power plants generate from burning fuel is produced as a high-pressure, high-quality byproduct, ready for pipeline transportation and storage.  In many places, this COcan be sold for use in enhanced oil recovery (EOR), permanently sequestering the COand providing significant added value for NET Power plant owners.

NET Power plants have several key features that enable them to inherently eliminate all air emissions.  This means no carbon dioxide, particulate matter, mercury, SOX or NOX is released to the atmosphere.  A NET Power plant’s only major byproducts are liquid water and a high-pressure, high-purity stream of carbon dioxide that is sent into a pipeline for sequestration or utilization in industrial processes.

Power plants are traditionally huge consumers of water.  NET Power plants don’t use steam for power production, so they can actually eliminate water consumption for only a slight reduction in plant efficiency.

We are please to welcome NET Power to the coalition and look forward to them joining our efforts.  For more information, please visit their website.

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