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Value and Benefit of Membership

  • Active participation in all of CURC’s activities and initiatives ensures the priorities of each CURC member are considered in the development of policy proposals, such as the development of legislation or comments on proposed regulations, and ultimately reflected in proposed federal programs.
  • CURC meets and communicates with senior level policy makers in the Executive Branch to discuss how the Department of Energy can assist in promoting the coal technology message.
  • CURC has credibility among members in Congress on both sides of the aisle; our bipartisan message allows Members to be “for” technology development that is necessary to accelerate and deploy advanced coal technology.
  • Membership in CURC means involment in a credible organization known to be experts on technology and technical issues.
  • CURC specializes in and focuses on developing and advocating for programs that will promote coal technology. CURC does not address all aspects of coal production and use (e.g. coal production, transport, or export), however we are able to leverage our technology position by coordinating with other organizations that are active in these other coal-related areas.
  • CURC provides significant networking opportunities. Through meetings and the deliberative policymaking process, CURC members have the opportunity for interaction with officials from U.S. DOE and the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) program directors particularly on the development and implementation of federal RD&D programs and budgets.

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